Asia Business Leaders Awards (ABLA): 12th ABLA Winners

14 Nov 2013

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Mr. Ratan N Tata of Tata Sons and Tata Trusts for his vision, leadership and business foresight in transforming a group that has impacted and helped grow the economy not only in India, but across the globe. Mr. Tata is an icon in India and the driving force behind Tata Group. When he became Chairman, Tata Group was an under-performing entity, but today it has annual revenues of 100 billion and a footprint spanning more than 80 countries. Under his leadership, he has transformed Tata into a global giant which controls everything from tea, to hotels, to technology, to steel, to cars. He is a visionary and considered the kind of corporate India. And for the past two decades, Ratan Tata was the catalyst behind the group's global ambitions. Tata didn't just shape the company, he also contributed to the Indian economy - building companies that created jobs and benefitted the community. Tata Motors and Tata Consultancy Services are also well known companies outside India, further cementing the country's image on the global stage. But perhaps his greatest credit is his ability to think big and small whether it's running luxury car brands Jaguar and Land Rover or producing the world's cheapest car, the Nano. And it's that vision that has resulted in Ratan Tata's success in steering this 145 year old company.

Asia Business Leader of the Year

The 2013 Asia Business Leader of the Year Award recognizes Mr. Tan Pheng Hock of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. Mr. Tan has led ST Engineering in adopting a customer-centric culture and "leading from the front" approach. He embraces a Business Excellence framework that facilitates a robust performance management system and, together with a stringent corporate governance and performance-based reward system, helps motivate and inspire the staff. Mr. Tan has a clearly defined business strategy for the company, and he believes in establishing a "shared purpose" with senior leaders in each core business, encouraging all of his management team to be active in the work of leading and inspiring the staff.

Asia Innovator of the Year

The Asia Innovator of the Year 2013 is AirAsia's Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes. Tan Sri Dr. Fernandes believes that innovation is not limited to technology, but should be brought to every aspect of the business. For example, AirAsia was the first airline to offer flights to Bandung, and now many passengers make Bandung a destination each year. While the company moves forward by advocating the use of technology,it also continues to expand its reach in many other ways such as this. Tan Sri Dr. Fernandes creates an environment for innovation that empowers people to come up with new suggestions and ideas. He welcomes moves that defy convention,and is not afraid to make the hard decisions involved in implementing any sort of innovation.

Asia Talent Management Award

The 2013 Asia Talent Management Award is presented to Mr. Yancey Hai of Delta Electronics Inc. Mr. Hai identifies candidates for key leadership positions and, with the guidance and assistance of a consulting company, makes the cultivation of high level talent a strategic part of Delta Group's operations, employing a systematic training and development framework. A range of learning environments is also used to help the effectiveness of learning. Mr. Hai has personally directed the company's elite talent development plan through the creation of key committees,a personal involvement in the process, and in outside recruiting.

Corporate Social Responsibility Award

The Corporate Social Responsibility Award for 2013 honors Dato' Rohana Binti Tan Sri Datuk Haji Rozhan of Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad. Dato' Rohana leads Astro's CSR approach, which is based on three pillars: learning, community, and environment. The initiatives are widespread, with a heavy emphasis on Malaysia. Some of their programs are so popular that subscribers call to volunteer time or money. Kamous Astro and Astro Tutor are two of the educational initiative Dato' Rohana leads, while Astro Kasih focuses on community involvement. Astro's involvement with the environment includes a two-pronged approach, one aimed at education and awareness, and the other utilizing a multi-year environmental plan. Under Dato' Rohana's guidance, Astro excels at integrating social responsibility into its business objectives.

Thailand Business Leader of the Year

The Thailand Business Leader of the Year Award for 2013 recognizes Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn of PTT Public Company Ltd. PTT plays a dual role as both a state enterprise and a publicly listed company. Dr. Pailin effectively manages the expectations of both aspects of the company's business, leading PTT to be successful both at home and abroad. Dr. Pailin focuses on sustainability,ensuring that the company has sufficient resources to continue to guarantee energy security for the Kingdom of Thailand and to contribute to the sovereign wealth of the nation. Under Dr. Pailin's leadership, PTT has a defined roadmap aimed at technological advancement, a green agenda, and a sustainable model of business.