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<strong>Country Club Memberships</strong>

Even before the recession really hit, many country clubs were suffering. This is causing many high-end clubs to do something in order to make sure they don’t suffer further attrition.

The clubs associated with the highest end golf courses have been quiet not to let details of any discounts leak out, but Michigan's Oakland Hills Club, which hosted last year’s PGA championship, reportedly has dropped its initiation fee from $110,000 to $60,000

Other examples include:

The Golf Club of Cape Cod – If you became a member last year, your initiation fee was $85,000. This year, there’s no extra charge.

Del Rio Country Club in Modesto, CA – Their initiation fee reportedly has been slashed from $35,000 to $10,000.

Kenwood Country Club in Cincinnati, OH – They’re still charging a $50,000 initiation fee, but will now allow you to spread out payments over ten years.

But the best deal is in Tampa Florida – A company that owns four private country clubs in the area is offering joint membership to all the clubs. That’s 99 total holes of golf, 59 tennis courts, 6 pools, 10 percent off cart rentals and 25 percent off food and beverage purchases. The cost? A $250 initiation fee and monthly dues that average about $350.

Photo: AP