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Joe Roberts, CSW


I'm a big proponent of drinking whatever wine you like best for the holidays—usually you're on vacation or have time off from work, so why add the extra stress of trying to come up with a perfect wine pairing? Having said that, some folks may just want a multi-purpose, "workhorse" wine to help carry the meal and also please any budding oenophiles who might be among the dinner guests.

Other folks may just not know what the heck they like! If you're either of those folks, a dry or semi-dry Riesling won't let you down—this white beauty is versatile and it absolutely shines in company of hearty poultry and sweet or salty side-dishes, all of which are mainstays on most of the North American Thanksgiving and Winter holiday tables out there. Just about anything from New York Finger Lakes producer Hermann J. Weimer will work, and for an extra-elegant touch check out the awesome Rieslings coming out of Germany's Mosel region, like S.A. Prum (the 2007 vintage has been stunning).

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