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Marcus Schrenker

Facing financial trouble and half a dozen lawsuits, Indiana money manager Marcus Schrenker decided to make a run for it. Leaving Indiana in his small plane on Jan. 11, 2009, Schrenker radioed controllers somewhere over Alabama saying his windshield had imploded and he was bleeding profusely. The radio went silent.

Schrenker later admitted he pointed the plane toward the Gulf of Mexico, engaged the autopilot and parachuted out, hoping the plane would crash at sea and it would appear he had gone down with it. His plane never made it to sea, but ran out of fuel and crashed near the Florida Panhandle town of Milton. Marshals found him two days later at a remote campground.

In June Schrenker pleaded guilty to charges of intentionally crashing a plane. Schrenker, 38, still faces millions of dollars in judgments and penalties.

The Marcus Schrenker case will be featured on American Greed March 17th.