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America's Highest Ticket Prices

Across the four major American professional sports leagues - NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL - which teams charge the highest average ticket prices?

Team Marketing Report, a publisher of sports marketing and sponsorship information, compiles average ticket prices across major North American sports in their annual "Fan Cost Index." This index monitors how much it costs to be a fan at a game for individual teams, from ticket prices and parking fees to stadium concessions.

As you may expect, NFL tickets are, on average, more expensive than most other sports, but all four major sports are represented in the top 15 list. However, keep in mind that the MLB, NBA and NHL seasons are all much longer than the NFL and have the potential to sell a higher total volume of tickets.

So, which teams charge the highest average ticket prices? Click ahead to find out!

Ticket prices and other prices are for the most recent completed season or season in progress.

Posted 9 March 2010

Source: Team Marketing Report: Fan Cost Index 2009 | Photo: Getty Images