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Your Money: Up Close and Personal

In order to stay ahead of counterfeiting, the government redesigns paper money on a fairly regular basis. The Treasury Department expects to unveil a new $100 bill, but the release date is yet to be determined. The last bill to be redesigned was the $5 bill, issued March 13, 2008.

Most notable among recent design changes are the addition of colors to the bills. But there's a lot more to the redesigns than meets the eye. Literally.

Using a super-macro lens, we get up close and personal with the latest U.S. currency designs, showing in full detail some of the features you may not be aware of. And why only the very best counterfeiters in the world can pull off a bill so good that only experts can spot it as a fake.

Click ahead to see why the defense in the details.

By CNBC.com
Updated 7 Jan. 2013

Source: US Treasury Department, US Secret Service, Bureau of Printing and Engraving

Photo Credit: Janis Christie  | Getty Images