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The Most Iconic Baseball Cards

By Darren Rovell
Posted 3 June 2010

On June 2nd 2010, Ken Griffey Jr, one of the most prolific home run hitters in baseball history, announced his retirement from Major League Baseball after 21 years playing the game.

In honor of Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement, I've put together my list of the most iconic baseball cards of all-time, taking a look at the cards that have most dramatically caught the eye of collectors around the country. Griffey Jr’s cards were highly coveted early in his career – not only because he was a fan-favorite and highly marketable – but also because his early career put him on a trajectory to shatter records.

Keep in mind that the cards listed here aren’t necessarily the most valuable, instead, they have received the most chatter from collectors and baseball enthusiasts over the years. But to give context, we’ve included price information from Beckett.com.

So, what are the most iconic baseball cards of all time? Click ahead to see the list!

Photo: Bromberger Hoover Photography | Workbook Stock | Getty Images