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The Most Stable Real Estate Markets

After a year of modest stabilization, the housing market is looking shaky again. For homebuyers and investors alike, there's concern about a double dip. That's bad for the real estate sector and the economy as a whole. Nevertheless, in some markets around America, prices have been stable over the past year.

Real estate website Zillow.com sorted through the data to see which markets have been the most stable over the past 12 months. Comparing the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) — a median value for homes currently on the market — month-by-month reveals which real estate markets have experienced the least price volatility.

The data covers the July 2009-June 2010 period — the most recent data available — with metropolitan areas ranked by absolute change in home values from one month to the next. Absolute values are used to show the cities that experience the lowest average price swings in either direction.

Here are the most stable real estate markets in America right now.

By Paul ToscanoPosted 9 Aug 2010

Photo: Wonderlust Industries | The Image Bank | Getty Images