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The Best Books for Business

As summer winds down, all of us are trying to squeeze in as much as we can into these last days.

So as you put together your list of “must dos” – we’ve got your “‘must read” list.

These books are all about leadership. True leaders – those with vision and passion, those who inspire and innovate and those who are able to learn from mistakes made - are currently in short supply. But we believe they’re out there.

The books we’ve picked are about those who lead in many unique ways and are found in many different environments; a drought stricken African village, the jungles of the Amazon, the world’s deepest caves, sitting in the toughest boardrooms and of course those inside the Oval Office.

So what are the top books for business today? Click ahead for the list!

By Gloria McDonough-Taub Posted 18 Aug 2010

Photo: Joseph Devenne | Photographer's Choice RF | Getty Images