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The Most Expensive Tickets 2010

With the college football season upon us, it's time to look at the most coveted games. Rivalries and powerhouse matchups dominate the most sought-after tickets, but which games will cost you the most to attend?

To answer this question, FanSnap.com, an online ticket search engine, organized the ticket prices for games based on highest average asking price on the secondary market, culled from more than 60 ticketing web sites.

Ticket values are as of 9/2/10 and are based on current asking prices from sellers in a secondary marketplace, which may not equate to ticket face values and will fluctuate depending on demand.

So, where will fans be paying the most for their seats this year? Click ahead to find out!

By Darren Rovell& Paul Toscano
Posted 3 Sept 2010

Source: FanSnap.com || Photo: GLG3 | Digital Vision | Getty Images