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The Fairfax, Va., offices of ThinkGeek, an online retailer that sells all kinds of geekily cool stuff, from spycam pens to zombie plush toys and magical unicorn gum, are basically one giant playground.

Playing with toys is just part of their job, whether it’s reviewing a gadget to sell or inventing one from scratch.

“It’s an office full of unicorns, zombies, games and toys,” says Andrea Owens, a merchandising assistant.

They also have games and other recreational things to help them let loose. One room is chocked full of videogames, arcade-style games, a foosball table, guitars – and even a “claw machine” (pictured at left) – where you can drop a claw down into a pile of plush toys and try to scoop one out. Oh, and their holiday party last year was a four-day trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“I like ThinkGeek because I can wear my GhostBusters uniform to work and get high fives,” said Chris Mindel, a product buyer or “Merchant Monkey,” as they call them at ThinkGeek. (And yes, that really happened. It was one day last week.)

And yes, they’re hiring! Everything from customer-service representatives to an e-commerce purchasing manager. Check listings at http://www.thinkgeek.com/jobs.

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Photo: ThinkGeek