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10. Portland, Ore.

There are several fault lines under Portland, Ore., which is also situated on the Columbia River – two criterion that make it a perfect haunting ground.

Plus, there’s a lot of history there – some of it, a tortured history.

The Shanghai Tunnels, which run beneath the buildings and streets of Portland, were used in the 1800s to kidnap people and ship them off to Asia as slaves and prostitutes. A saloon owner may get you properly drunk, the lore goes, and then send you down a secret hatch -- never to be seen again.

Some say those spirits still roam the tunnels and during tours, visitors have reported hearing whistling, smelling fragrances – or even being touched.

One of the city’s most famous haunts is the White Eagle Café, a former brothel, hotel and boarding house . Its employees have reported smelling smoke when there is no fire, being overwhelmed by the smell of cheap perfume, and even flying objects.

Photo: Richard Ross | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images