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The Most Successful Analysts

For the past 39 years, Institutional Investorhas surveyed research directors and chief investment officers at major U.S. money management firms to get their take on the best equity analysts in each sector.

According to Institutional Investor, a spot on the All-America Research Team (AART) can have a significant impact on an analyst’s compensation, with members of the AART earning 2.4 times more in total compensation than analysts who were not ranked.

But what is more impressive than being ranked is appearing on the list for several consecutive years, which many analysts have accomplished. However, there remain a number of outliers - analysts who have been ranked #1 for six years or more - with some analysts appearing on the list at #1 in their sector for as much as 31 years.

So, which top analysts have year after year withstood the test of time and are among the most successful on the street? Click ahead to find out!

Posted 14 Oct 2010

Source: Institutional Investor