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Stewart Vernon

A millionaire by age 25
Business: Pool cleaning

Stewart Vernon, of Macon, Georgia, was always entrepreneurial, running a door-to-door car-wash and detailing business when he was a teenager. When he graduated from college, he knew he wanted to start his own business and saw a need for better service in the pool-service business.

So, he used the few thousand dollars he’d saved up in college and in 2001, bought truck and some chemicals. And, he spent a few weeks shadowing a local pool cleaner who was about to retire. To get customers, he went door-to-door.

The first four years, the revenue of ASP Pool and Spadoubled every year, making him a millionaire by 25. Today, he’s franchised that business, teaching other entrepreneurs, not only about the pool-cleaning business, but about how to become a millionaire within five years. There are 56 franchises throughout the southeast and a couple of them are coming up on that five –year mark – and their first million.

His advice? “No matter what job you’re taking, deliver your product and back it up with exceptional service. That is what will separate you.”

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