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13. End of Days (1999)

Worldwide gross: $211,989,043
Adjusted for inflation (2010): $277,970,000

Arnold Schwarzenegger was still a big star in 1999, but the mega-popular blockbusters like The Terminator and Total Recall had become a thing of the past. He had also starred in a couple of movies that he would have done well to avoid altogether, such as The Last Action Hero and Batman and Robin. However, with his services still in demand, he took the role of a depressed former cop in the big-budget supernatural horror thriller End of Days.

The movie stars Gabriel Byrne as the devil, on a mission to sire a child with a young woman whom the “Austrian Oak” protects from evil minions. While there’s some excitement in the movie, it was a commercial dud in the United States and made back only two thirds of its $100 million budget. But thanks to Schwarzenegger’s enduring international status, its worldwide take exceeded $200 million. In 2003, Schwarzenegger put acting to the side entirely, and became the 38th governor of California.

Photo: Getty Images