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Gifts For The Book Lover

2010 was a great year for books, true confessions, ultimate betrayals, corporate intrigue, a thrilling journey to the bottom of the earth and an even more thrilling ride into the near abyss as the global economy teetered on the verge of collapse. And those were the hot themes in non-fiction.

Fiction lovers were rewarded with the latest adventure of Lisbeth Salander (that tattooed, bisexual computer hacker with intimate piercings) who took us for another ride into her dark, but oh-so intoxicating world full of psychopathic killers.

Books enjoyed their spot on center stage in 2010, due to the popularity of so many new eReaders. Early on, critics panned the idea of digital books saying that e-books, would never become a mainstream technology.


The Association of American Publishers reported that for the first eight months of the year, e-book sales grew 193 percent. In 2010, two authors each sold more than a million e-books on Amazon’s Kindle. And Barnes & Noble says the consumer book market will grow from $23 billion in 2010, to $27 billion in 2013, with all the growth coming from e-book sales.

So read on! Whether you read an e-book or you prefer your reading old school-style, here are some holiday page-turners for every booklover.

By Gloria McDonough-Taub
Posted 16 Nov 2010