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Decision Points (Limited Edition)

Price: $350.00
Author: George W. Bush
Pages: 512
Publisher: Crown

"It was a simple question, 'Can you remember the last day you didn't have a drink?'" And with that, “Decision Points”’—the memoir of the nation’s 43rd president—begins.

George W. Bush—who left the Oval Office aboard the Marine One helicopter on Jan. 20, 2009, and pretty much secluded himself in the sleepy Dallas suburb of Preston Hollow—is now back out in the open, and opening up, giving his first public account of his tumultuous two-terms in office.

“W” shares in detail some of the most historic moments in our modern history including, what it was like: in the hours after the terrorist attack aboard Air Force One on 9/11; at the head of the table in the Situation Room in the moments before launching the war in Iraq; and behind the Oval Office desk for his historic and controversial decisions on many events including: the financial crisis, Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan and Iran.

President Bush writes about his flaws and mistakes, and he gives a nod to his accomplishments. He also offers up intimate new details on his decision to quit drinking, his discovery of faith, and his relationship with his family.

For history buffs and/ or the collectors, the publishers are offering a limited deluxe edition of “Decision Points”. Each copy will be hand signed by President Bush and will sell for $350.