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The Most Iconic GM Models

One of the world’s largest automakers, General Motors has been manufacturing cars since it was founded as a holding company for Buick in 1908.

Since then, GM has sold millions of vehicles annually, and many of these models have become staples of American culture.

To get an idea of which GM models are the most iconic and important over the company’s history, Karl Brauer, Senior Analyst & Editor-at-Large at Edmunds.comlisted his top picks.

Some of the models launched iconic lines, others marked the beginning of a revolution in the auto industry as a whole, and some are simply time-honored favorites of drivers and collectors.
So, what are the most iconic GM models of all time? Click ahead to find out!

Produced by Paul Toscano
Posted 15 Nov 2010

Source: Karl Brauer | Edmunds.com || Photo: Getty Images