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Things You Should Spend More On

Thanks to clever marketing, advertising, and the fetishization of brand names, spending more doesn’t always mean getting a better quality product. In fact, Consumer Reports regularly finds when testing appliances and other products that a high price tag is no guarantee of quality or durability.

But here are some cases where spending more can mean better quality and value, and what to look for to ensure that’s the case.

There’s a running theme to this list: You can buy something cheap and have to replace it more often, or you can do a little research and buy something once. Another rule of thumb is that if you use it all the time, make sure it’s going to hold up.

“The more I use a gadget, the more I'm willing to spend,” says Pete Berthold, a computer graphics artist. “I always get the newest iPhone because I use it often, every day. Otherwise I tend to go lower or mid range on items that I don't use frequently.”

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By Colleen Kane
Posted 23 Nov 2010

Photo: Sami Sarkis | Getty Images