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Tailored Clothes

Price difference: about $30 for a bespoke men’s shirt

With few exceptions, tailored clothing is always going to look better on most bodies than clothing worn straight off the rack. For this reason, some pay extra for bespoke shirts created especially for the wearer.

“I work in a museum/library, but last year I was deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard. I came back and bought shirts made to fit,” said Neil Gussman of the Chemical Heritage Foundation. “They cost about $30 more than an off-the-rack shirt at the men’s store where I buy clothes. But all last year I wore the same clothes. Now that I am back at work, I wanted to wear clothes that really fit. Also, the average guy with my neck size is wider around the middle. The fit of bespoke shirts is really different.”

Photo: Laurence Dutton | Stone | Getty Images