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It’s not uncommon for doctors to earn $100 an hour or more but one category you might not expect is anesthesiologist. These are the doctors – yes, they are MDs -- who administer anesthetics, the drugs that knock a patient out, during surgery or other medical procedure.

The mean hourly wage is $101.80, according to the Labor Department.The pay is so high because the patient’s very life is in their hands: They not only determine how much of anesthetic to administer but also record and monitor the patient’s vital signs throughout the surgery.

Those working in doctors’ offices typically earn the most, compared to those who work in hospitals, out-patient clinics or universities. The states with the best chances of earning over $100 an hour are Arizona and Tennessee. The outlook for this profession is good, due to a growing population and growing health-care needs.

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Photo: Andrew Olney | Digital Vision | Getty Images