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Manimal (1983)

Cancelled after 8 episodes

Although it was cancelled 8 episodes into its first season, Manimal is still memorable despite its dismal ratings. The show focused on Dr. Jonathan Chase who, according to the show’s opening narration, spent time in Africa and Tibet, which somehow gave him the ability to shape-shift into an animal. While the crime-fighting skills of the panther and the dolphin may seem dubious, Dr. Chase used this valuable skill to solve crimes.

Unfortunately, the show aired opposite the very popular Dallas, leaving it at a disadvantage when it came to attracting viewers. Furthermore, those who did see the show found it goofy in the extreme, and it was cancelled after 8 episodes. Interestingly, it was part of the same NBC fall line-up as Mr. Smith, a show about an orangutan with an abnormally high IQ that was also cancelled in its first season.

Photo: 20th Century Fox Television