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Space Memorabilia

They're from out of this world.

But space related memorabilia comes up for auction pretty frequently, say experts.

One auction house, RR Auction, is auctioning off hundreds of space memorabilia online beginning January 12, 2011.

So what are space collectors after? Items from or associated with Apollo 11, the 1969 mission that first brought man on the moon, are always more valuable than others, says Larry McGlynn, an avid collector who helped RR Auction value the auction items. Anything that has been on the moon’s surface is sure to bring in a bigger price. “Twelve humans out of the 100s of millions of people who have passed through earth since the beginning of time have been on the moon," says McGlynnn. "That’s rare.”

Check out some of the highlights from the auction.

Posted Dec. 13, 2010

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