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It’s OK, you can say it. You hate Facebook (but you’re on it all the time). And you may have doubts about co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s notions of privacy (but you want to be him anyway).

And who wouldn’t? You can only wish you’d invented a product so seemingly essential to human life that Harvard was getting in the way of you accomplishing your dreams—so you left. And to be sitting on about $7 billion, according to Forbes, on top of it? We’re not sure how Mark pulls himself out of bed in the morning.

The big talk for 2010 was The Social Network, the movie’s “history” of Facebook’s creation, though you may want to Google around a bit for the real story. The big talk for 2011 is when the social-media company will come public. Everyone’s going to want in on that deal, a la Google’s IPO in 2004, so best of luck getting some shares. But if you are lucky, and Facebook’s stock takes off like the search giant did, you may care a little less about those pictures your fraternity brother posted from your freshman year rush.

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