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The Best Jobs Outside the Cubicle

The winter blahs are starting to set in, leaving many a cubicle dweller staring longingly beyond the grey half walls that surround them on three sides, wondering what else is out there.

In fact, there are quite a few cool and in-demand jobs outside the cubicle. Some capitalize on the demand for health care as Baby Boomers come of age, while others capitalize on the trends in technology and social media. Whatever the reason, these jobs aren’t bound by Dilbert-onian rules.

“I think many people secretly fantasize about the freedom that working outside the office provides,” said Jeremy Redleaf, a filmmaker and creator of the job site Odd Job Nation. “Jobs outside the cubicle allow you the freedom to construct the life that you want.”

Here are a dozen of the coolest jobs outside the cubicle.

By Cindy PermanPosted 26 Jan 2011