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Paper Jamz Pro Series Microphone

Manufacturer: WowWee
Price: $29.99
Available: Fall 2011
Ages: 8 and up

Fresh off its success with the introduction of Paper Jamz last year, WowWee is expanding the line for this fall. One piece of it is a Pro Series that will be MP3 compatible. This allows users to upload their own music and play along.

The Pro Series guitar also has additional features to improve its performance. There is a built-in accelerometer that will add a pitch shift when the neck of the guitar is shaken. There’s also 14 fret sensors for playing power chords and a working wammy bar and vibrato effects.

Pictured here is the Pro Series Microphone, which is likely to capture a lot of attention. It helps everyone sound more like a rockstar. The microphone’s perfect pitch technology analyzes and tunes a singer’s pitch in real-time. It also can add effects such as auto-vibrato and chorus mode, which multiplies a singer’s vocals to add depth.

Karaoke will never be the same.

Photo: WowWee