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4. Colorado Springs, CO

Speed traps: 186

Remember, Colorado has “home rule,” where municipalities don’t have to follow state laws, and Colorado Springs takes full advantage of it.

To their credit, they fully disclose how tough they are: They state publicly that drivers will be penalized if they drive 1-4 miles over the speed limit, 5 to 9 miles over, 10 to 19 miles over, 20 to 39 miles over and 40 or more miles over (Literally, they break it down that far). They also state that “one’s intent is irrelevant,” which means they don’t care if you didn’t mean to speed, had a broken speedometer or have oversized tires. These situations are “Not a defense to speeding.”

Colorado Springs drivers write on Speedtrap.org that often police use unmarked vehicles. And, like Denver, wide roads are often slapped with a 25 mph limit and entering the city from the southeast, one motorist notes, the speed limit drops quickly from 55 to 25.

Photo: Nina Raingold | Getty Images