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Brand Names Gone Generic

Most people know when they say “band aid,” “jello,” “coke,” or “post-it” as a generic term that it’s really a trademarked brand name still protected by law.

There are names with less awareness like Crock Pot, which is used generally to indicate a slow cooker appliance, but is currently a trademark of Rival. Others like this include Bubble Wrap (trademarked by Sealed Air), Onesies (trademarked by Gerber), Styrofoam (trademarked by Dow), and Hula Hoop, Frisbee, and Hacky Sack (all from Whammo).

It continues on today when companies like Google and Lego are trying to prevent what’s happened to so many enormously popular brand names before them: becoming genericized.

Click ahead to see 10 generic terms that you might not have realized were once trademarked.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 17 Feb 2011

Photo: Judith Haeusier | The Image Bank | Getty Images