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Ice Cream Developer

Kirsten Schimoler is a product developer/flavor guru for Ben & Jerry’sice cream. It’s a job she’s been training for since she was young.

Her parents were in the restaurant and wine business, and her father had done some product development, something she used to mimic as a child.

“I loved to cook growing up … my brother and I would go into the kitchen and create things, working with a family friend on recipe development in the summers,” she said.

She has a degree in food science from Cornell University and worked at Unilever, doing product development for PF Chang’s home bistro meals. When she saw the ad in the paper (yep, they advertised it in the paper!) she jumped at the chance to return to her native Vermont and work for a company she’d “consumed and admired” since she was five.

To answer your pressing questions: Yes she gets to eat ice cream all day. In fact, some days it’s breakfast. Yes, she takes ice cream home (they get three free pints a day). The reason why she doesn't look like she eats ice cream all day is because the company has a free gym on site and gives them free memberships to a local gym. And yes, they’re currently looking to hire another ice-cream developer!

Photo: Ben & Jerry's