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Culinary Ambassador

Alice Shin has a foodie’s dream job: She’s getting paid to eat her way across Asia, accompanied by two professional chefs, then blog about it.

How did she get such a delicious gig? She won a contest from the Pei Wei Asian Diner chain, owned by P.F. Chang’s, to be a “culinary ambassador” for three weeks. Her winning application included submitting a few of her Yelp reviews and a short video.

On a recent day at “the office,” Shin went to a soba shop to film a master making and cutting noodles by hand, tried noodles at several restaurants, visited a Japanese temple and castle, and then returned back to the hotel to edit the video with a cameraman, and blog about her day. (Read about all of her adventures at www.peiweiblog.com.)

The skills necessary for a job like this are “a big appetite, no fear and the ability to capture your experience in a way that’s relatable to the folks at home,” Shin said. “Also, writing like the wind doesn’t hurt either!”

After this gig is up, she goes back to her regular job, which is being a senior advertising copywriter at SapientNitro. Think Peggy from “Mad Men,” “placed in a world of Twitter, Facebook and interactive advertising!” Shin said.

Photo: Pei Wei