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Game-Changing Lockouts and Strikes

The 2011 NFL season is scheduled to begin September 8th. However, with a possible lockout on the horizon, football fans are anxiously consulting their calendars in anticipation of a much more imminent date, March 12.

The collective bargaining agreement that league owners and the National Football League Players Association have had a in place for six years recently expired, and if the parties can’t agree to a new one by March 12, 2011, a lockout goes into effect.

Depending on how long it lasts, the lockout could result in cancelled games , or even threaten the entire season. It’s happened before -- professional sports leagues have experienced labor disputes, and apart from the financial havoc they caus e owners and players, the communities that host teams lose revenue . Worse, if the stoppage lasts long enough, an entire spectator sport can lose its fan base for years.

Click ahead to see the most notable lockouts and strikes in recent sports history.

By Daniel Bukszpan, Special to CNBC.com
Posted 8 Mar 2011

Photo: Getty Images