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5. Newscaster

Stress score: 43.56
Average annual salary: $43,270*
Hours per day: 8

The news business is always a stressful place. Because of global crises, environmental disasters, and wars, newscasters are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They research, write, and report from the front lines, and they're expected to go on-air with little or no preparation.

Technology is another reason the job of a newscaster is stressful: they must be continually plugged in, interacting with the dynamic landscape of the internet, which is continuously changing the way they broadcast the news. ”It just doesn’t get much more stressful than the expectations put on someone involved in the news,” says Tony Lee.

*This figure corresponds to “Reporters and Correspondents” according to the BLS.

Photo: Grafissimo | Vetta | Getty Images