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Bargain Basements (and Homes)

Low-priced houses can be found almost everywhere, but they’re not for everyone. For the adventurous buyers, many of these houses will need TLC, an owner with DIY skills (not to mention HGTV) and in some cases, judicious use of a sledgehammer, backhoe and rental Dumpster.

When searching the clearance rack of houses, keep in mind that you will encounter some fake wood paneling, many cheap veneer countertops, and unfortunate paint color choices. But you’ll also see original windows and doors, screened porches, mighty old wooden beams that will outlast every McMansion of today, and pink bathrooms (an outmoded midcentury trend that some people now aim to preserve). Click ahead to see a collection of houses, counting down from most “expensive” to the rock-bottom cheapest deal, in a variety of styles from across the country, as provided by Trulia.com and the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Historic Real Estate site. (While the selections included here from the latter site are distressed or in need of significant restoration, the site features properties ranging up to the current topper, author Zane Gray's former property on Catalina island in California for $11,800,000.)

Colleen Kane

Posted May 5, 2011

Photo: Fuse | Getty Images