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Coffee Joulies

Coffee Joulies are stainless steel beans, about the size of an egg, that you put in your coffee. They instantly cool it down to a drinkable temperature and then keep it warm for up to five hours. They were invented by two 20-something mechanical engineers who were childhood friends. They launched their idea on grassroots-fundraising web site Kickstarter.com, with the goal of raising $9,500. The product was so successful that they made over $300,000 and are now rushing into production to meet demand for the 10,000 sets ordered by investors from Kickstarter. They’ll be available later this summer for the rest of us. One of the coolest things about the product is that the factory where they’re being manufactured is a former Oneida silverware factory, which Oneida had shuttered. The Coffee Joulies inventors are revving it back up, creating American jobs, and producing Joulies full time. ($50 for a set of 5)

Photo: Jarrett Haas