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Cool Wazoo

The Cool Wazoo is a pad that you can use five ways – in a restaurant high chair, on a swing, in a car seat, in a grocery cart or as a changing pad – to protect your child. It’s heat resistant, water resistant and germ-resistant. It was invented by a stay-at-home mom after her daughter was accidentally burned on a swing that had been overheated by the sun. She funded the idea with her own money and hired a seamstress to come up with the prototype. Though this clever mom originally intended the Cool Wazoo as just a protector for the swing, after consulting Lucky Napkin, she turned the product into a five-in-one to make it more marketable. It sells for $65 in some boutiques and on the company’s web site -- but coming soon, a $19.99 version will be sold in big retail stores.

Photo: Cheerful Child