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Million Dollar Homes Across America

What will a cool $1 million fetch homebuyers in 2011? How much square footage? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? How big of a yard, if any yard at all? It all depends what city you’re buying in, of course.

We checked in with cities across America to find out about their million-dollar dwellings. Real estate agents representing each city supplied representative property in the $1million range and discussed the state of their market. Further data on city averages was supplied by Zillow.

We wanted to know how home sales doing compared to last year, and especially in the $1 million bracket. Who is buying these $1M homes—are they first-time buyers, people relocating, people upgrading or downsizing? What are the top concerns in these markets? Click ahead to find out.

By Colleen Kane and Paul Toscano
Posted 13 May 2011

Photo: Dana Hoff | Photographer's Choice RF | Getty Images