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Profiting From America's Cyber Threat

The definition of cyber security is constantly evolving, but the most common definition relates to the protection applied to computers and networks and the information they store and relay. Over the last few years there has been no lack of media reports regarding cyber break-ins, identity theft and more — all going a long way to highlight the problem, but representing only the tip of the iceberg.

The crux of the threat is that our reliance on networks grows more interconnected every day from cell phones, email, credit cards, social security numbers and more. Ever more important, the electric grid, stock exchanges, banks, municipalities and the Pentagon are dependent on computer networks, making the U.S. vulnerable.

Obviously, security in these realms is an important and growing industry. Here we take a look at EarlyBird Capital analyst Alex Hamilton's list of the companies that stand to gain the most from the growing demand for cyber security — companies that could become very profitable for investors.

Posted 16 May, 2011

CNBC's Code Wars: America's Cyber Threat