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Volkswagen Beetle

Debuted: 1938
Returned: 1998
Current MSRP: $19,500

The classic Volkswagen Type 1 is still one of the most recognized cars in the world, although its heyday fell in the 1960s. New Beetles launched in 1998, and Volkswagen is introducing a new New Beetle set to debut this fall, this one a bit more sleek in design with a navigation system and ambient interior lighting.

“In the 1990s, Volkswagen saw the way to fix its waning reputation: by bringing back some of its most famous badges in the U.S., where sales were hurting,” Padgett explains. “The Rabbit returned, only to once again become the Golf; the Microbus flirted with reality a couple of times, and still remains in limbo. But the Beetle returned, and for 2012 it's being completely revamped with an eye to capturing more male buyers by way of better performance and a tougher-looking exoskeleton.”

Photo: Mark AhsmannPhoto: Andreas Rentz | Getty Images