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InSound Hoody with Headphones

Price: $99

Blame it on Apple for turning the MP3 player into a fashion statement. Ever since the iPod's white headphones marked the consumer with the latest gadget, technology has become a fashion statement.

INSOUND's hoodies have headphone ear buds built right into the strings. The other end of the cord goes through the pocket, so you can plug your iPod and be on your way. These sweatshirts come in a variety of colors and also include sleeveless hoodies for the fashionistas.

“Technology has become much more exciting than fashion," said Catherine Moellering, executive vice president at Tobe Report.

"They [retailers and manufacturers] are realizing this is a huge opportunity in the industry and figuring out how to make fashion exciting again.”

She adds, that clothing makers are competing with Apple to be techy and trendy.

Photo: Insound Clothing