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Steven Tyler

During the 1970s, Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler was such a notorious drug abuser that he and fellow band member Joe Perry were known as “The Toxic Twins.” By the 1980s, years of cocaine and alcohol abuse had caught up with him and he entered rehab. Defying the odds, he emerged a sober man, and his band went on to even greater popularity than it enjoyed during the 1970s.

Tyler remained sober for over 20 years, but he became addicted to painkillers in 2009. He had fallen offstage at a concert in South Dakota, and the injury was compounded by 10 years of orthopedic injuries suffered on the job by the flamboyant front man. Happily, he successfully finished rehab, and Aerosmith embarked on a highly successful world tour in 2010.

Photo: Kevin Winter | American Idol 2011 | Getty Images