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The 10 Highest Momentum Stocks

There are a number of stocks that have seemed to defy gravity in recent weeks, shooting to 52-week highs beating the broader market returns significantly with an about 4.5 percent gain for the Dow & S&P and a 7.8 percent gain for the NASDAQ, our momentum plays are up 13% or better.

To identify these momentum companies, CNBC.com screened for stocks showing the greatest upward price movement since the market turning point during the week of 6/20, with a focus on those companies trading at new 52-week or all-time highs. The week of 6/20 was selected as a point of reference since it marked the beginning of the market’s current mini bull run.

Many of the companies highlighted here have experienced some volatile parabolic snaps but have continued to gain momentum over the last month or more, begging the question of whether they are still solid investments or simply too hot to handle.

So, which stocks have had the greatest short-term momentum in today’s market? Click ahead to find out!

By Gina Francolla
Posted 6 July 2011

Photo: Fry Design Ltd | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images