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Bunker House

Location: Everywhere—though you’d never know it.

In recent years, decommissioned underground defense bunkers have enjoyed a renaissance as nontraditional homes. For some underground bunker-dwellers, updating their new homes is a DIY project. Others might buy a bunker right off the real-estate market, such as this one in Scotland or this one in England.

There’s even a company that specializes in selling missile bases called 20th Century Castles, with properties ranging from $260,000 to the one pictured here, which is $4.6 million. This Atlas F site is in upstate New York’s Adirondack State Park and includes an attractive 2,000-square-foot log home for those hopefully plentiful times when the owner does not need to hole up in the 2,300 square-foot underground living space. For the other times, it will be comforting to know there’s also an airstrip on-site, and the on-site power generator will come in handy.