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1976: Frank Stella BMW 3.0 CSL Turbo E9

The second BMW Art Car was created by American artist and passionate motor racing fan Frank Stella. During the design conception, the American artist switched gears from his usual random style of painting and sought inspiration for the vehicle’s technical aura. The result: a black and white square quid with an evenness and precision reminiscent of oversized graph paper.

Within this grid, pattern-like, dotted lines run across the bodywork, suggesting that Stella may have wished to cut out the car and reassemble it in a new shape.

The grid pattern - a feature of both his earlier and later creative period - was often used by Stella as a kind of stage upon which a painted drama takes place. By way of contrast, the paintwork he created specially for the Le Mans race is not a stage, but the action itself.

Source: BMW Group PressClub Global

Photo: BMW Group PressClub Global