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Celebrity Getaway Homes

In this paparazzi age, celebrities aren’t even close to safe when they leave Hollywood for vacations. Anyone with an Internet connection or anyone who has waited on a supermarket checkout line is bombarded with images of stars romping in the waves on tropical shores, with captions judging their levels of fitness...or lack thereof.

Once in a while there is an actual noteworthy event to mention, other than “so and so tried to enjoy a beach vacation with his loved ones while photographers took grainy photos with long lenses.” When one prominent figure’s private island retreat recently made international headlines, it was time to take a closer look at these getaways with a good old-fashioned celebrity real-estate slideshow.

Hollywood types like to vacation in Malibu, but the following homes are located all over the place—the Caribbean, ski destinations, the downeast coast of Maine, and upstate New York. Oh, and some of them are, in fact, in Malibu.

By Colleen KanePosted 25 August 2011

Photo: virginlimitededition.com