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Wall Street: Then and Now

When the Sept. 11 attacks turned much of Lower Manhattan to rubble 10 years ago, many financial firms in the area scrambled to find places to operate outside of the dense Wall Street area, leaving its future as the financial center of the world uncertain. When would the big banks return? Did it make sense to ever return?

Yet there’s something about Lower Manhattan that has made it hard for many firms to call anywhere else home. Maybe it’s the grandeur of Wall Street—being part of the financial capital of the world, where deals are made and broken, and economies shaken.

A decade later, Wall Street is thriving again. Many said it was their loyalty to Lower Manhattan that drove them to either stay or rebuild, and their stories of survival and rebirth have made them and Wall Street stronger than ever.
As part of our coverage of the 10-year anniversary, we looked at 12 of the biggest Wall Street firms to see what made them decide to stay or leave. In some cases, the firms responded with a statement about how 9/11 has affected them.

So who's on Wall Street now? Click ahead.

By Andrea Ludtke
Posted 28 August 2011

Photo: Getty Images