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Britney Spears

Business: Nyla Restaurant

Named after Spears’ two favorite places—New York and Louisiana—Nyla opened in June 2002 in Manhattan’s Dylan Hotel. The restaurant originally featured dishes with a Cajun and Southern flair, with dishes such as Southern sushi and fried okra, with prices ranging from $16 to $26 a dish.

According to People.com, however, the restaurant received terrible reviews, was cited for several health-code violations, and eventually began to suffer from financial problems. In an attempt to save the business, People reported, Nyla underwent a menu overhaul in which the Southern cuisine was dumped in favor of Italian dishes, but this was not enough to keep the restaurant afloat. Less than six months after it opened, Spears severed all ties with the business, the magazine said.

Source: People

Photo: Getty Images