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Steven Spielberg

Business: Dive! Restaurant

The brainchild of director Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Dive! was a submarine-themed restaurant in the shape of a neon-yellow submersible. The restaurant’s visitors were surrounded by metal catwalks, pressure gauges, and torpedo-shaped seats. Every half-hour, the restaurant would simulate a "dive" and red lights would flash around the room. Dive! opened in 1994 in Los Angeles, and in 1995 a second restaurant opened in Las Vegas.

The menu focused on "submarine" sandwiches and contained puns such as "sub-stantial salads" and "sub-lime desserts." The restaurant also generated additional income by selling souvenirs.

Despite its early success, the restaurant found difficulty in attracting locals as repeat customers. Sales fell short of projections and the sale of merchandise became sluggish. The Los Angeles Dive! closed its doors in 1999, and the Las Vegas restaurant followed soon after, according to published reports.

Source: People

Photo: Getty Images