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Nicky Hilton

Business: Nicky-O Hotels

As an heir to the Hilton family, Nicky Hilton should have the hotel business running through her veins, but her disastrous attempt at starting up her own hotel chain proved otherwise.

Hilton’s first venture was planned as a 94-room luxury hotel on Miami’s Ocean Drive, with a second location planned for Chicago. Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli was brought in to design the hotel suites. The hotel was scheduled to open in time for the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami and reportedly advertised a $1,000 per night Super Bowl package. Unfortunately, plagued by delays, the hotel never opened its doors.

The project filed for bankruptcy protection in 2007 and Hilton was later sued by the condo hotel developer, who claimed she didn’t keep up her end of their business agreement. The developer said Hilton had promised to promote the project and that she misrepresented her associates. The property eventually was put up for auction, and the Chicago project was abandoned.

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Photo: Gustavo Caballero | Getty Images