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Inventions by Kids

Did you know that the popsicle, ear muffs AND the trampoline were invented by kids? And, more than a few kids have become rich off of their inventions before they even graduated high school.

“Kids are natural innovators,” said Jon Dudas, who used to work for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office but is now the president of FIRST, an organization designed to help foster innovations by kids in science and technology.

One of the youngest inventors, Dudas recalls, was just two. “Her parents had sort of sectioned off a place where she couldn’t open the cabinet doors. She used suction cups and an extension,” Dudas explained. “Her parents thought it was a neat idea—to use for people in wheelchairs with limited movement,” he said. The child had a patent by age four!


Kids have been inventing things for hundreds of years and now, thanks to organizations such as FIRST and "By Kids, for Kids," a group that connects kids with contests for young inventors, they’re feeling more inspired and more confident to invent. Turning their products into sales is also becoming more of a reality.

Click here for more than a dozen innovative and inspiring inventions by kids.

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  • By Cindy Perman
    30 September 2011