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Crayon Holders

Crayon Holders are clear plastic tubes that hold your crayons so they can still be easily used even if they break. Crayon Holders were invented by Cassidy Goldstein at age 11. She was working on an art project and when she went to her box of crayons she realized they were all broken. Cassidy was inspired by the little plastic water tubes that are used to keep roses fresh.

At age 12, she interviewed a bunch of patent lawyers (oh, to be a fly in that room!) and they got her idea patented. Then, they licensed the idea out to another company that handled the manufacturing and marketing. Cassidy’s dad founded a company called By Kids For Kids that helps kids get started inventing and they started selling the crayon holders through BKFK.

The invention earned Cassidy enough money to pay for most of her college education and get her set up with an apartment in New York City after college.

Today, Crayon Holders are sold on BKFK.com for $2 for a pack of two. Cassidy, now 23, works in product development for jewelry designer David Yurman.

Victor Gonzalez